Booking terms:

PAYMENTS: To secure Bernie for your event, a 50% booking deposit is required. Your booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received. The remaining balance is due a month prior to your event.  Booking deposits and confirmation payments are strictly non-refundable.

Bernie does not provide refunds in the case of bad weather such as rain, wind or snow. If there is bad weather, it is the responsibility of the event host to make alternative arrangements and to communicate these to us at least 3 hours prior to commencement of the event. In the case of an emergency, and at the discretion of Bernie's people, the event date and details may be able to be modified.

Any additional breakage or similar charges passed onto us by the glass hire companies after your event, must be paid by you. We will advise of any additional charges.

DAMAGE: Damage to Bernie or Bernie's things must be paid for, and in some cases we may ask for a bond which would be returned to you after your event. The insurance excess for a staffed event is $500, the insurance excess for a dry hire event is $1500. If an insurance claim is accepted, this will be passed on to the host should Bernie be damaged in your care. If an insurance claim is not accepted, the host will be liable to cover all repair costs including Bernies people's time for facilitating repairs. Strictly only Bernie's people are allowed to tow/ move Bernie.

VENUES: Permission for events at a venue (other than your private residence) such as a park/public garden/ hired event space is the event holder's responsibility. You must provide Bernie's people with confirmation of permission at least 14 days prior to the event.

DOUCHE BAGS: Bernie nor Bernies people are douche bags, and we refuse to host daggy douche bag events- or serve drunken douche bags, so don’t be a douche bag, don’t invite douche bags, and certainly don’t be marrying a douche bag!